Local Shared Ministry – some ideas from Auckland, New Zealand

local shared ministry

The following are extracts taken from this Devon Churches Rural Forum post and the resources it links to.

“The Diocese of Auckland has a model of “Local Shared Ministry”.  This idea is apparently around two decades old in its application.  It draws from the work of  of African missionary, Roland Allen, who said

“every congregation has within its own membership sufficient gifts for its own life and mission” and understands the church as arising from its local community, with all the gifts and talents that are already there.

The Auckland Diocese website has more on Local Shared Ministry and extracts from its summary of Local Shared Ministry are below.

“The emphasis is on being a ‘ministering community’, rather than being a community gathered around a minister.  An intention is to find ways to express all the varied gifts of the people who are part of the community”

” All the members of the congregation, led by a Ministry Support Team, share the responsibilities that are traditionally carried by a vicar”

There are more resources on a Local Shared Ministry site.  And again from the Devon Churches Rural Forum post “See diagrams of how the model works in NZ and how it could be adapted for the UK (coutesy of Simon Franklin) here or you can contact Simon here.


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