Equipping a church for Rural Mission – a four session course over six weeks or so

equiping for rural mission cover

From Germinate: The Arthur Rank Centre this is a four session course (2 to 4 hours per session) designed to run over 6 weeks – or more.  It uses group exercises, reflection and – between sessions 2 and 3 some homework and research – to help a rural church understand the needs of their local community and work in partnership with others to effect change.  The four sessions are:

Session 1: Appreciate your church
Session 2: Investigate your community context
Session 3: Deliberate over what you hear
Session 4: Make a plan

As the introduction in the participants booklet says

“The exercises help you to gather information about your church or churches and your
participation in the wider community. You listen, apply spiritual discernment and prayer, then carefully decide what you might do next, or change, because of what you hear or discover”

The course was prepared for Germinate: The Arthur Rank Centre by a team led by Stella Collishaw from the Diocese of Derby.  It was revised in July 2015 and May 2017.  There are 3 resources

Participant pack

Facilitator guide

Guide to surveying and researching your community




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