January till Easter 2019 – Ideas for church services & events & social media resources

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Around now might be the time you are bending your mind to events and services for January to Easter 2019.  Along with some of the red letter days, I’ve collated a number of other ideas.  The “usual suspects” are listed below along with – I hope – some other useful ideas and links.  If you have any ideas to add then please do share them via a comment – maybe with links – on this post.  In next year’s version of this post I’d love to include your ideas and credit you.


What is Mission – a free Mission Myth busting “small-group Bible study series that delves into four of the main myths about mission we encounter.  Untangle fact from fiction with videos, reflections, activities and prayer” from the Church Missionary Society (found via one of @DioceseOfYork ‘s weekly newsletters).

Or how about using Church Army’s Faith Pictures “a fresh way to talk about things that matter” over 6 sessions.

6th (Plough Sunday) and Epiphany

The Chelmsford Diocese’s Agricultural Festivals resources, which include some material for Plough Sunday, are downloadable from the foot of this rural page on their website.

While lots of us will hold Christingle services at Christmas, Epiphany and Candlemas are equally suitable occasions. Or how about reviving chalking the door ?  This Epiphany tradition involves writing in chalk above the door of a house or church the number of the coming year, enclosing the letters C, M and B, which stand for the Latin Christus Mansiones Benedicat – ‘May Christ Bless this House’- as well as the traditional names of the magi.


2nd February (Saturday) – Candlemas

You can find some historical background about Candlemas from the Clerk of Oxford blog and some music ideas on the Oxford University Press blog.  Although for me, Kate Rusby’s song, Candlemas Eve, is one of the best!

14th (Thursday) – Valentines Day – click here to watch the clip

Valentines idea

Another church holds a Valentine’s quiz as a way of keeping in touch with couples who’ve booked weddings.


What to do for Lent – how about fasting on Wednesdays and Fridays?  This post (found via a tweet from @educationpriest) is a good introduction to the Christian practise of fasting.  Maybe you could use it as the basis of a two or three session course during February to introduce them to the idea.

Or there are some fabulous ideas from Oxford Diocese in this “A Lent Reflection with a difference” post covering ideas like helping Lenten reflection through making things together in a practical group – or a community art type idea laying old donated used shoes from the lychgate to the church porch as a symbol of our journeys through life.

1st (Friday) Women’s World Day of Prayer

5th Shrove Tuesday

6th Ash Wednesday

31st Mothering Sunday

  • this page explains why its a good idea to have a candle stand out on Mothering Sunday for people to light a candle as they come back from communion.
  • the Mothers Union has several resources including – from 2018 – liturgy written by St Mellitus College staff and students led by Jane Williams.
  • Survey – What is or was the most important thing your mum did for you?
  • or how about these ideas?

alternative mothers daymothers day ideasmotherhood of God DYAnJP-XUAAJ0rw  mothering sunday background


14th Palm Sunday

18th Maunday Thursday

19th Good Friday

21st Easter Sunday



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