One at a time

A guest post from Andy Griffiths, CMD Adviser for the Bradwell Area in the Diocese of Chelmsford. Bob Jackson has written a book that seems likely to prove influential: Leading One Church at a Time (Grove, 2019). Perhaps the Church of England’s leading specialist in Church Growth, Jackson is a believer that multi-parish benefices as presently employed … More One at a time

Creative Leadership isn’t about having all the ideas

  I found this 2 minute clip via “the friday mailing – leading learning for a faith-full church” from  In the clip Sir Ken Robinson makes a number of points about leadership that fosters creativity. When I first came across the entrepreneurial and creative leadership language being applied to church leadership I was pretty … More Creative Leadership isn’t about having all the ideas

Servant Leadership – a secular perspective

For a couple of years now the Church of England initiative Renewal and Reform has sparked passionate debate as new elements are launched.  The argument is particularly intense where the programme seeks to apply some secular insights into leadership and management to the church. To over-simplify the positions being taken – Supporters welcome the approach whilst stressing … More Servant Leadership – a secular perspective


Just back from an excellent few days reflecting on what it means to lead churches in a rural context.  The Germinate Leadership course from Germinate: the Arthur Rank Centre is an 18-month programme that “combines leadership theory, theological reflection on the nature of leadership in ministry, the development of co-consultancy groups and practical leadership issues … More Seedtime