Place and mission

  The latest edition of Anvil, the Church Mission Society’s Journal of Theology and Mission, has a leading piece about the significance of place and geography in our theology of mission.  Mike Pears, director of Urban Life and missions tutor at Bristol Baptist College, considers the intersection between place, meaning and power, how far this relationship is … More Place and mission


Just back from an excellent few days reflecting on what it means to lead churches in a rural context.  The Germinate Leadership course from Germinate: the Arthur Rank Centre is an 18-month programme that “combines leadership theory, theological reflection on the nature of leadership in ministry, the development of co-consultancy groups and practical leadership issues … More Seedtime

Oversight ministry – insights from a conference and some research

The following summary is based on this ” Oversight Ministry:  What we have learnt ” website article from March 2017 and a response to it by David Heywood Director of Pastoral Studies at Ripon College Cuddesdon.  For the original article Dr Jonathan Rowe, Director of Ministry, was asked what had been learnt from a national conference on … More Oversight ministry – insights from a conference and some research